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Benefits & Support If you disagree with our decision on Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support (and Council Tax Benefit)

What we mean by ‘decision’

We, the Benefits Service, make decisions about Housing Benefit (help with rent). The rules are set by the government.

We also make decisions about Council Tax Support (help with council tax). Council Tax Support is a scheme run by the Council, not the government.

We may still make decisions about Council Tax Benefit - the government scheme for help with Council Tax that was abolished in April 2013. These will get fewer with time.

Our decisions include things like:

  • whether you can get benefit or support
  • how much you get
  • how we pay it
  • what happens if we pay too much

We tell you our decision in a letter.

You have a legal right to challenge most of our decisions, although there are some decisions you can't challenge at a tribunal.

How to challenge our decision.


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